How a Locksmith Makes Keys

A locksmith can make you a spare set of keys for your house, car or windows. There are a number of reasons as to why you may require an extra set of keys. This could be as a result of lost keys, damaged keys, or the need for a spare set just in case of any unprecedented situations. Below are ways used by locksmiths to make keys;

Locksmiths use a profiling machine to duplicate keys. After finding a matching blank key, the GrizzlyLocks profiling machine gauges the individual key profile of the original and cuts it into the blank key. This duplicate therefore comes out as an exact copy of the original, thus opening the same locks as the original key.


GrizzlyLocks locksmiths in Albuquerque also make keys by cutting on the correct blank, depending on the type of the key. The key is usually checked over or hand finished by the locksmith to see to it that there are no sharp edges. They do this to ensure that the key does not leave any imperfections or scores on the detainers inside the lock. This is because if the detainers get scored, there would be a higher risk of potential lock out situation, brought about by the lifting of more than one detainer inside the lock during operation.

On the other hand, even without a copy of the original key, a GrizzlyLocks locksmith can make a key for a lock by disassembling the lock, examining the pins and measuring them to ascertain the type of key to use from the lock. However, if the lock cannot be disassembled for some reason, the locksmith can use a technique known as impressioning. Impressioning involves fitting a key to a lock without disassembling the lock. The method is slow and tedious but may turnout to be the only option at times.